Worst Customer Service? How NOT to treat your customers

I’ve been having problems with my internet. I recently changed service providers from TalkTalk to EE – on the proviso that the transition would be seamless, and I would not lose internet during that time (due to the nature of my work I’m sure you can all understand why that’s important). I contacted EE to resolve the issue (it went badly, as you can read below) and I complained about it on Twitter. They contacted me on there, advising I make a formal complaint online (which I did, at work during lunch because I haven’t got internet at home now, obviously). Their response was somewhat disappointing.

I’ll post the email I sent to them and their response. Taking bets – do you think they read any of my email?

I would like to register a complaint AND seek assistance with my internet.

I called your team yesterday at 17.37 to seek assistance with my internet. I recently changed Internet Service Provider and when I was sold this package your representative promised me the transition would be seamless and painless – something incredibly important to both me and my partner as we conduct a lot of work from home and require the internet to do our jobs. However yesterday our internet stopped working. I called my previous service provider, TalkTalk, and they informed me that EE had told them to set the cut off date as the 19th May and there was nothing more they could do – they told me to call EE to find out why our new internet hadn’t yet been connected.

When I called your team I was sent from department to department, often with such bad connection signal that I was unable to hear much of what was said. After six different transfers to various departments, I felt like no real problem was being found, instead being pushed around while the blame for the issue was shifted from one team to another. I said as much to the person in the retention team (whose name was Gary) who promised me he would stay with me on the line until my problem was resolved. Then he turned around and yelled at his colleague: “COME ON I WANNA GO HOME”. Clearly my issue was far less important than his home time, and from there I was left on hold for 20 minutes while he claimed that I was being transferred (AGAIN) to another department. However that never happened, and instead of being transferred, after half an hour of silence (not even hold music), he hung up on me.

I tried calling back, but of course I was back to square one by this point – I asked the first person I spoke to to call me back as I was on an expensive line – which they refused to do.

I STILL haven’t been given a reason why my internet was due to come online on the 21st, while TalkTalk were told to cut me off on the 19th. It is absolutely shocking that such a gap was left between connections when I was specifically told how quick the process would be, and that I would not be left without internet during the process.

I would like for your team to do one of the following things:

1) Contact TalkTalk and tell them to give my internet back until your team are able to connect me.

2) Get your team to connect me/get me ‘online’ using my previous router, which works perfectly and will connect to the new details if you provide them.

I am absolutely appalled at the service I received – I am still within my 14 day cool off period and I am incredibly tempted to cancel my services due to this horrible incident – not just for broadband but my mobile contract also. I expect for this issue to be resolved immediately and I of course expect EE to do whatever is in your power to keep me as a loyal customer.

If this issue is not resolved, I will not hesitate to take this matter further.

That was my email to EE. This was their response.

Hello Joanna,

Thank you for your email.

I’m sorry to learn about the issues regarding your service. Please accept my apologies. Our records show that the broadband activation date is 21st May, 2015. As we are an email based support team, we provide self-help links, general information and basic technical advice. For provisioning issues, please contact our new line provide team on 0289 044 6574 who’ll be able to assist you further.

If you have any further queries then please feel free to contact us again.

Best Regards


EE Broadband Team

Um, thanks for that, EE but I already knew my activation date is the 21st of May. What I want to know is WHY it’s the 21st of May when you informed my previous service provider to cut me off on the 19th. This outright shows that no one bothered to read my email (if they did, they would know that I know my activation date is the 21st). They didn’t respond to any of my requests or questions, instead answering a question I never asked and a measly apology copy-pasted from their online training.

Worst customer service ever? I’ll let you decide..!