Vlogger (Film)

Vlogger is a 2011 thriller produced by Lars Von Trier’s production company, Zentropa International and was directed by Ricard Gras.

Tania is an IT expert from Barcelona of Pakistani descent. She is researching for an American company on the use of virtual worlds to reduce pollution in training and education. Her twin brother Osman is the only family she has left, but he has been missing for months.

Osman eventually shows up through his avatar in Second Life. He refuses to reveal his location or who he works for, and Tania learns about her brother’s situation thanks to Kendrick, an officer of the cybercrime unit: Osman has been recruited by a terrorist group.
What started in the virtual world has real life consequences and Tania will have six days to stop an attack planned online by her brother’s group. Video games and fiction come together in a thriller shot inside Second Life that deals with the business of terror and some deviated uses of the new technologies.

The film combines animated footage shot inside virtual worlds (Machinima) with live footage from webcams and has a strong trans-media element.

Joanna was responsible for social marketing and strategy where her duties eventually evolved into the additional tasks of script-writing and research.

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