Review: Doki-Doki Universe (Hitsville UK)

If there’s one thing I love, it’s personality tests.

Doki-Doki Universe is a disgustingly cute puzzle-adventure-meets-interactive-personality-test, hence I absolutely adore it and want to play it forever. The premise sees you play as QT3, a robot abandoned by its previously-loving owner, supposedly as a result of others in your model lacking humanity. An alien called Jeff delivers you to a planet called ‘Home’ and you’re instructed to fly around helping the inhabitants of other planets to prove you’re capable of learning humanity. As you go, you’re encouraged to answer a series of personality tests and then visit a therapist (aptly named Dr Therapist) who gives you regular psych evaluations. From your home planet you can choose your flying steed (an amusing selection of options – a burger, poop and a rat are just a few), your robot’s appearance, and your planet’s theme, giving the game a highly customisable aspect which I admittedly completely ignored.

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