Lincoln Digital Conference

2015-03-10 14.42.21

Today I had the opportunity of attending the Lincoln Digital Conference with the OnLincolnshire Technology Hubs and Mortons Media Group Ltd. This was the first time I was able to represent both companies at the same event and was a wonderful chance to meet other businesses and talk not only about emerging technology, but also MoreBikes!

2015-03-10 10.06.10

2015-03-10 11.49.25

The Mortons Digital Stand at the Lincoln Digital Conference (2015)

I prepared a few short videos to display on the screens behind our table to give further information about both Mortons and the Tech Hubs, one of which you can see below.

At around midday I was introduced to Jason Bradbury of The Gadget Show and talked to him briefly about emerging technology. He was particularly interested in the Oculus Rift, and it was great to sit down with him and briefly chat tech. Jason had to prepare for his presentation and so the rest of us grabbed some lunch until it was time to take a seat.

2015-03-10 12.13.23

Lunch, including crème brûlée and tempura prawns!

After lunch it was time for Jason’s first presentation. It began with him talking remotely from the back of the room through an onstage mobile robot, with live camera feed. After a few minutes Jason himself came onstage, via a robotic hover-board of sorts and began talking about the excitement of future technology. He started by emphasising his favourite piece of current tech: the Oculus Rift, and directed the audience’s attention to me as one of the resident Oculus demonstrators while he asked if I thought the Oculus DK2 was easy to setup (the answer is ‘no’).

2015-03-10 13.09.26

Jason Bradbury presenting live via mobile robot

After the presentation Jason popped back down to talk to us some more about the Oculus Rift, what we’re working on, and our plans for future development of it. My fellow Oculus Rift demonstrator, Mark Aldridge, explained the methods we’re using to create content and I gave a demonstration of content we had already created.

2015-03-10 14.45.22-2

Mark Aldridge talking with Jason Bradbury about how to create content for the Oculus Rift

2015-03-10 12.29.03

A stern looking selfie while showing a demonstration of the Oculus Rift to Jason Bradbury

It was a great day, and lovely to catch up with other regulars from events such as this. It’s such an honour to be invited to demonstrate emerging technology to celebrities in the field! See you all next time!