how2wrestling2logoHow2Wrestling is a humorous and educational podcast about professional wrestling, created in 2015 by myself and co-host, Kefin Mahon.

In each episode, I join wrestling aficionado Kefin (host of The Attitude Era Podcast and Cinema Swirl) and act as the listener’s stand-in. I began the show utterly new to wrestling and through my education others are able to learn not just the backstory and lives of big names in the sport, but basics and big-picture themes as well. Terminology, movie tie-ins, scandals and much more are covered, giving a new fan everything they need to understand the unusual ‘predetermined’ sport. We hope to serve as an entertaining template for how to comprehend and appreciate the vast, often shocking, world of wrestling as sports entertainment.

Beyond acting as co-host and the listener’s way in, throughout my role as Producer I have developed strategies to promote the show, as well as running our social media accounts, managing our Patreon page and designing all assets including our website,

How2Wrestling reached the top 10 iTunes charts after its second episode.

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I have been managing our social media profiles since our launch in July 2015. We’ve seen consistent growth month on month, reaching 5,000 followers across all accounts.

In October 2017 we hired video producer, Adam Bibilo, to create four monthly shareable videos based on content from the podcast to be shared across our channels. These have proven hugely successful, with an average metric of 20,000 views per video, with our most shared video receiving over 100,000 views and 600 shares.

Weekly release of #WrestlingMoveMonday – a series of Vines demonstrating wrestling moves using figurines. Across all videos, we received nearly 300,000 total loops, with 11,000 loops on our most popular Vine. Since the closure of Vine, these have been moved to our Instagram channel.



I believe that even though podcasts are audio-based their image is incredibly important. I manage the episode artwork illustrated by Dan Swanton, and design all bonus assets, including our website