Fry Havoc


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What is Fry Havoc? Set up by Jetta Rae, Fry Havoc is a feverish, slapdash fusion of comfort food and intersectional education.

This isn’t a place for wholesome, well-rounded meals with the freshest ingredients. This is a place to learn what you can do if you have to eat eggs and rice every meal of every day until you get paid again without losing yourself to despair. This is a place to learn how to cook with shit you find in corner stores and gas stations. This is a place to thumb through your great-grandma’s recipes, making notes with one hand and balancing a vegan bacon cheeseburger in the other.

And when you’ve cleared your plate, there’ll be some cookbook reviews, intersectional critique of the food industry, and probably a song or twelve defending pineapple on pizza.

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