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The Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank is a bank in the United Kingdom, with its headquarters in Balloon Street, Manchester. The Co-operative Bank has a unique ethical policy setting out the way they do business and are committed to leading the way on ethical, environmental and community matters.

I worked at The Co-operative Bank as Digital Marketing Executive from October 2016 – March 2018. My role at the Bank was to run the social profiles across all networks and plan and ensure the growth of these channels by creating engaging relevant content to customers and potential customers across the year.


Part of my responsibilities when creating content for social was to create any digital assets needed across social platforms, and to ensure these adhered to external brand guidelines, as well to any marketing campaigns used in-branch, or on TV. Below is a snapshot of one of these branch campaigns, for which I created the online and social assets.


For Centrepoint Sleep Out Manchester 2017, I managed a small film crew to record footage and pre-planned interviews of the attendants, and staff of The Co-operative Bank (sponsors of Centrepoint). This was part of our online Christmas campaign, for which I edited the main campaign footage into this short 30 second shareable video.


Shortlisted for Most Effective Use of Social Media by CCA Global Excellence Awards 2018.

One of the challenges when planning and creating social content for a national high-street bank is to ensure all content meets internal and external KPIs. These can be especially specific as they must meet FCA standards, adhere to external brand guidelines, support the ongoing goals of PR, and, when advertising for a financial product, remain compliant. During my time at The Co-operative Bank, the company underwent a recapitalisation, ensuring a need for strict regulation on outgoing content. Considering this significant barrier, I still increased our engagement metrics considerably, and our overall followers by 25%.

Social Media For Beginners (Lecture + Workshop)

The other day I gave a lecture and workshop to employees at Mortons Media Group on Social Media for Beginners. It was great to sit down and help give a brief introduction on how to use social media. Here are the slides – see if you know the basics!


Cinema Swirl

Cinema Swirl logo

Cinema Swirl is a podcast created in 2014 by stand-up comedians Kefin Mahon and Sam Chaplin. Sam hasn’t seen any major Hollywood films, and Kefin has. Together the two look back on what some consider the greatest movies of all time.

From the release of their first episode in August 2014 to August 2015, I worked on Cinema Swirl’s marketing strategy, social media presence, graphic design and audio editing. As part of their YouTube strategy, I coordinated and animated several videos for their channel. Click here to see them.




Goal: Reach Top 10 UK Podcasts on iTunes

How: I led the strategy for gaining new subscribers to the podcast, as both hosts wanted the show to get in the top 10 UK podcasts on the iTunes charts. The way we achieved this was by using team psychology – a process proven to increase engagement and loyalty in sports. I wanted to experiment with this method in social, by emphasising Cinema Swirl’s audience as a part of #TeamSwirl and pitting them against an exaggerated enemy, in this instance, fellow film podcaster Mark Kermode.

We encouraged our listeners to tweet with the hashtag #TeamSwirl to spread ridiculous and over the top rumours about Mark Kermode, often using references from famous films. The full Storify can be found here. The results of the campaign were a success, and by the launch of Cinema Swirl’s second episode, we had achieved our goal of reaching the Top 10 UK Podcasts on iTunes.


As well as designing Cinema Swirl’s logo, I also designed their main merchandise, social profiles, voting polls and occasional online assets.



I edited many episodes of Cinema Swirl; Jaws, Commando and more. The aim was to keep vocal tics to a minimum while including all relevant audio assets.

Vlogger (Film)

Vlogger is a 2011 thriller produced by Lars Von Trier’s production company, Zentropa International and was directed by Ricard Gras.

Tania is an IT expert from Barcelona of Pakistani descent. She is researching for an American company on the use of virtual worlds to reduce pollution in training and education. Her twin brother Osman is the only family she has left, but he has been missing for months.

Osman eventually shows up through his avatar in Second Life. He refuses to reveal his location or who he works for, and Tania learns about her brother’s situation thanks to Kendrick, an officer of the cybercrime unit: Osman has been recruited by a terrorist group.
What started in the virtual world has real life consequences and Tania will have six days to stop an attack planned online by her brother’s group. Video games and fiction come together in a thriller shot inside Second Life that deals with the business of terror and some deviated uses of the new technologies.

The film combines animated footage shot inside virtual worlds (Machinima) with live footage from webcams and has a strong trans-media element.

Joanna was responsible for social marketing and strategy where her duties eventually evolved into the additional tasks of script-writing and research.

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MoreBikes is a digital-only motorcycle publication launched in 2014, produced by Mortons Media Group Ltd. The MoreBikes brand was created as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Mortons Media Group Ltd and The University of Lincoln, funded by Innovate UK.

We created the MoreBikes brand from scratch, recycling its content from its sister publication, Motor Cycle Monthly, a national newspaper distributed throughout motorcycle dealerships across the UK. Alongside its typical news-format website, we created a monthly digital publication for mobile and tablet devices and a weekly podcast hosted by MoreBikes’ Editor, Tony Carter. We also built an in-house film and photography studio, complete with full MoreBikes branded set, on an incredibly low budget. The site was a huge success, with over 1,000,000 visitors in the first year, and we were soon able to seek premium sponsorship from top motorcycle brands such as Yamaha and Ducati.


Kit Reviews | Filmed in MoreBikes’ in-house studio.

Video Editing

  • Motorcycle jeans destruction test
  • 2015 Aprilia RSV4-RF Review
  • 2015 Honda Forza 125 Review
  • Maria Costello’s ladies-only track day at Donington Park