A Beginner’s Experience of Wrestlemania (Calling Spots Issue 15)

Hey folks! It’s me, Jo Graham, back again in Calling Spots to bring you what I know you need: my thoughts on which wrestlers look like hams.

Actually, that’s not why I’m here. As much as I love talking about wrestlers looking like meats, I have a more immediate, higher duty to perform. I’m going to talk about Wrestlemania 31. “But that’s BORING” I hear you cry. “We don’t know who you are or why your opinion on Wrestlemania should matter to us”. Well perhaps this will change your mind. You see, fair readers, I am a wrestling noob. A scrub, if you like. A simple fledging to the world of pro-wrestling. Fresh faced, bright-eyed, I have emerged; like a newborn lamb in spring. I have never watched Wrestlemania; in fact, I haven’t seen much wrestling at all. I watch NXT each week and most Total Divas and the occasional Raw. Besides from that, I know nothing. On the whole, a lot of it goes over my head. But that’s ok! Because I’m using this unique perspective as a new wrestling fan (and a lady one too) to try to emphasise just how weird wrestling is, when nothing makes sense and everything is confusing.

So here goes: A Beginner’s Experience of Wrestlemania.

Right off the bat, I’m confused. It’s the pre-show and there’s Comic Sans in the network ad. I used to be a graphic designer, and lemme tell ya, I’m disappointed in you, WWE. Renee Young is wearing the most magnificent pink top and I can’t help but consider how wonderfully they would match the pink sparkly false nails I’m currently sporting. Booker T is being gross. “Women just naturally hate each other”. Mate, I love women. What I hate is misogynist jerks like you pitting us against each another. I want the wind to blow his stupid fucking book away.

It’s time for the first match: a Fatal 4 Way for the Tag Team Championship.
Out come the Usos (I’ve never been able to look at Jimmy Uso in the same way since his gross injured toe was splashed all over a particularly traumatic episode of Total Divas), followed by Los Matadores. Then come The New Day and Tyson Kidd & Cesaro. Cesaro’s boots are beautiful and I want them. They’re gold and white and shiny and gorgeous and make him look like a literal adonis – a modern day Hercules. Natalya’s also looking fantastic; a vision of strength, covered in a fantastic leather bodysuit complete with giant, magnificent jeweled pauldrons. I’ve fallen over in love with them both and I can’t get back up. Tyson Kidd is also there.

Team ‘Could Beat Me Up and I’d Thank Them For It’ win the match and it’s onto…the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. I can never keep up with these things, especially only knowing maybe 5 wrestlers in total. Hideo Itami is eliminated way too soon (by Big Show of all people), decreasing the ever-dwindling number of wrestlers who don’t look like testicles or hams. Even though I’m disappointed to see him gone, it’s awesome hearing 75,000 people cheering for him on a main show after the much smaller audiences at NXT (although no doubt he’s used to bigger what with his wrestling career in Japan). Ryback (or Street Shark Ham, as I like to call him) is also shortly eliminated and Big Show eventually wins the match, representing scary yet boring ham men everywhere. He’s presented with a somewhat odd-looking statue of Andre the Giant, and as the guys from the Attitude Era Podcast tweeted, I think we’re all hoping he chokes a little bit when he tries to find out if the trophy has chocolate inside.

There’s a brief interlude while someone sings America the Beautiful. I hope Rusev kicks the screen down and burns an American flag, because that would be funny. An old man comes on stage and hangs up a belt on a rope. I’m worried his old man trousers will fall down without it.

Next up: the Intercontinental Championship with Bad News Barrett vs Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler vs Stardust vs Luke Harper vs you know what? This is WAY too long to type up. This is an unnecessary number of wrestlers and I can’t be bothered to remember them all, let alone their names. At least they’re mostly handsome, with hardly any hams at all. Dolph has his hair in a very fetching French plait (a hairstyle notoriously difficult to master despite numerous Pinterest tutorials) and Stardust’s entire look is (as always) on point, albeit likely uncomfortable for such a hot and sunny afternoon. Out of the blue comes a glitter ladder – clearly the true star of of this match, and perhaps WWE as a whole. I’m praying Glitter Ladder somehow becomes the intercontinental champion of 2015, as my new favourite wrestler. Daniel Bryan wins and everyone in the crowd is very happy about that.

Then it’s time for Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins. Both these men look considerably like my exes, so seeing them beat the crap out of each other is a kind of cathartic twisted fantasy for me. Seth looks like the less awful of my exes, so I’m on his side with this match. Besides, he’s dressed better, with an impressive hairy chest and eye-catching leather pants, not red speedos like the ones my dad wears when he goes swimming. Seth does a beautiful Mario triple jump off Randy Orton’s head but Orton inevitably wins the match.

Next we have Triple H vs Sting or as I like to call it: Stubble Ham vs Face Paint Ham. Stephanie McMahon talks a bit and somehow looks even younger than every other time I’ve seen her. Some kind of promotional Sting band plays drums. It’s all a bit weird. For some reason Sting himself is wearing a jacket but no t-shirt. The jacket seems to have a lobster on it. “It’s a SCORPION. My name is STING” he would no doubt yell. He seems to almost stumble on stage, looking around him as if sunlight was something he has heard of before (perhaps in ancient legend), but never seen.

The internet is very excited about this next bit because Triple H’s entrance will supposedly be Terminator themed. I am less enthused although perhaps that is in part to me initially mishearing Terminator for Transformer. Footage from the new film is playing on screen while a bunch of Terminators (is that the correct plural?) appear on stage from rising platforms (the rising platforms are more impressive than the Terminators if I’m honest). There’s a really tacky A Level Media Studies style interface on screen, clearly animated using After Effects. Arnold Schwarzenegger is there. Finally, Triple H comes onstage. He looks really, really silly. There’s something sad about a fully grown man dressed as a shitty robot on a hot spring day. A reminder for you, dear readers: this is my first ever Wrestlemania. And this abomination is the first Triple H entrance I’ve ever seen. I really hope Stephanie took SOME convincing that this was anything but a super lame idea.
Stephanie: Honey, no…You can’t be the Terminator.

There was some wrestling next and then suddenly a bunch of old men (who I assume are senile and have gotten lost) wandered on stage. I have no idea who they are. Now some even older men are here. I’m terribly confused. I literally have no clue who a single one of these very old men are. Wait, I think the one with the moustache is Hulk Hogan. They go back to wrestling each other and after nearly 20 minutes, Triple H defeats Sting. I’m still confused. Afterwards there’s an interview with Daniel Bryan and a bunch of more old guys turn up. I recognise Roddy Pipper (from that one episode of Celebrity Wifeswap) and Ric Flair (from that one episode of Celebrity Wifeswap). From what little I’ve seen of Ric Flair, he seems to be like that embarrassing sad uncle who get drunk at parties and inevitably ends up naked and crying.

Next up it’s Nikki Bella and Brie Bella vs Paige and A.J. Lee. I won’t lie, this is the match I’m probably most excited for. As always with the Divas, the outfits are on point (thanks to the massively talented Sandra Grey; we’ll miss you) and even the entrances are cool. Paige comes onto the stage and stands there nonchalantly, still managing to achieve levels of coolness that Triple H’s Terminator persona can only dream of. Nikki comes in wearing a backwards trucker hat; a look I will most definitely be stealing just as soon as I buy myself a really cool trucker hat. There’s some fantastic wrestling, but all I can think about is how much I hope this match ends with the Divas deciding that they’re not gonna put up with Booker T’s gross misogyny, elbow-dropping his stupid book and then hugging each other. That didn’t happen and after 6 minutes, 50 seconds, Paige and A.J. Lee defeated The Bella Twins. I’m not entirely sure, but I think the musical segment with Skylar Grey and Kid Ink might have been longer than the match.

Up next it’s Rusev vs John Cena. Rusev’s entrance is utterly glorious with marching soldiers, cannons, Lana in a cool as hell white suit carrying the title and Rusev himself arriving on a tank. I hope Triple H isn’t too sad that his entrance has been massively upstaged by one of the biggest communist anti-American heels of all time (probably, I’m guessing here). I’m looking forward to Rusev’s entrance next year when he comes in dragging the exhumed corpse of Abraham Lincoln and pisses on it. I hope John Cena’s entrance is equally impressive, perhaps involving him flying in on a giant American bald eagle. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case, instead getting a kinda shitty iMovie compilation of republicans (with a half second shot of Obama) and John Cena walking onstage holding a disappointingly small towel.
Cena: Triple can I…Can I get a cool entrance too?
Triple H: No we’ve spent the entire budget on my Terminator entrance. Have this free towel.

I’m not sure who’s more likely to win this match but my money’s on Cena for the sake of American pride. If Rusev wins, would the American spirit be crushed? I can see it now; a dystopian future where Rusev and Lana rule almighty, and John Cena’s kept in a small cage for their amusement. At any rate, if Rusev wins I hope he makes John Cena sing the Soviet National Anthem. Alas, Rusev runs into Cena (who steps aside) and ends up knocking Lana off the apron, ending with a pin from Cena.

After some gloating from Stephanie McMahon and Triple H about the success of WWE, the Rock came into the ring. I’m familiar enough with The Rock – I’ve seen a few matches of him with Mick Foley in the Rock ’n’ Sock days, but have to admit that I primarily know of him from that one film where he plays a Tooth Fairy. There’s some feud stuff that goes over my head and then a new woman comes in, apparently called Ronda Rousey. I know nothing about her so far, except that she’s wearing a t-shirt with a Dragon Ball Z meme from 2006 on it. I hope her gimmick is that she’s an anime-loving trash nerd. Out of the blue, the Rock starts going on about playing jumprope with Stephanie’s fallopian tubes (an odd choice considering their size – you’d really think intestines would be more appropriate but perhaps that threat isn’t gendered enough). Then they all fight (briefly) before Stephanie and Triple flee from the ring.

Now it’s time for Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt – a match I’m massively excited for, if in part due to the fact that this may be the first Undertaker match I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately the gorgeous sun shining down on them both somewhat lessens the dramatic effect of their entrances. Bray blowing out his lantern is certainly less impressive in the day and the Undertaker looks like he’s seen sunlight fewer times than he’s lost a match. I’m not entirely sure who or what the Undertaker is but he looks like a gravedigger cowboy. I’ve decided to turn to Twitter to learn more about him. According to a fellow Wrestlemania live-tweeter he was a zombie mortician, then a zombie leader of a satanic cult, then a human biker (how did he become human again??), then an MMA fan and then a zombie wizard. I really hope I’m not being trolled here, because if this is true that means that canonically, in the WWE universe, zombies exist…and they can become a WWE champion.

At one point Bray Wyatt starts walking like a crab and the Undertaker sits up and everyone freaks the fuck out. I can only assume this is because the Undertaker is really, really old and his back isn’t what it used to be, and sitting up is challenging for older people and everyone’s really happy that he’s not too old to do that just yet. After an actually really awesome match, Undertaker defeats Bray Wyatt, and it’s time for the final match of Wrestlemania: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar is truly the ultimate murder ham – a terrifying shark of a man with beady little eyes and (unlike most people) a torso that doesn’t end at his shoulders. The thought that there is an actual human being who could be conceivably unrealistically scary as a fictional character in a video game just blows my mind. Judging from Twitter, my hope that Reigns wins the match is an unpopular one (I can’t resist a Good Dad story, sorry).

Suddenly Seth Rollins runs in, Money in the Bank briefcase in hand! I really hope he’s here as a reverse heel turn and is coming to Reign’s aid. Nope, he tells the referee that he’s cashing in and the match becomes a Triple Threat between Good Dad, Murder Ham and Crossfit Jesus – a somehow even more exciting prospect than the original match. After some wrestling moves that undoubtedly have names, Seth pins Reigns to win the title and absolutely legs it, belt in hand, as far away from Lesnar as possible. God, I love Seth Rollins.

And with that, it seems Wrestlemania is all over. It’s been an experience to be sure; one with confused old men stumbling on stage for no apparent reason, Russians on tanks, incredible outfits (looking at you Stephanie), terrible outfits (looking at you, Triple H) and a lot of really, really great wrestling. I came into Wrestlemania expecting the World Cup wrestling equivalent (I know the Superbowl is the common comparison, but I’ve never seen that either). Instead it was closer to a live episode of Eastenders where Phil Mitchell becomes mayor of Suplex City. Even though I knew only a little about what was going on, the confusion didn’t detract from my enjoyment, perhaps knowing just enough to get a feeling of choosing sides and favourites. I hope next year the divas get considerably more airtime, I hope Hideo Itami gets a match with less than 20 other people and I really, really hope that right now Seth Rollins is on a plane heading for “wherever Lesnar isn’t”.

As published in Calling Spots magazine.

Worst Customer Service? How NOT to treat your customers

I’ve been having problems with my internet. I recently changed service providers from TalkTalk to EE – on the proviso that the transition would be seamless, and I would not lose internet during that time (due to the nature of my work I’m sure you can all understand why that’s important). I contacted EE to resolve the issue (it went badly, as you can read below) and I complained about it on Twitter. They contacted me on there, advising I make a formal complaint online (which I did, at work during lunch because I haven’t got internet at home now, obviously). Their response was somewhat disappointing.

I’ll post the email I sent to them and their response. Taking bets – do you think they read any of my email?

I would like to register a complaint AND seek assistance with my internet.

I called your team yesterday at 17.37 to seek assistance with my internet. I recently changed Internet Service Provider and when I was sold this package your representative promised me the transition would be seamless and painless – something incredibly important to both me and my partner as we conduct a lot of work from home and require the internet to do our jobs. However yesterday our internet stopped working. I called my previous service provider, TalkTalk, and they informed me that EE had told them to set the cut off date as the 19th May and there was nothing more they could do – they told me to call EE to find out why our new internet hadn’t yet been connected.

When I called your team I was sent from department to department, often with such bad connection signal that I was unable to hear much of what was said. After six different transfers to various departments, I felt like no real problem was being found, instead being pushed around while the blame for the issue was shifted from one team to another. I said as much to the person in the retention team (whose name was Gary) who promised me he would stay with me on the line until my problem was resolved. Then he turned around and yelled at his colleague: “COME ON I WANNA GO HOME”. Clearly my issue was far less important than his home time, and from there I was left on hold for 20 minutes while he claimed that I was being transferred (AGAIN) to another department. However that never happened, and instead of being transferred, after half an hour of silence (not even hold music), he hung up on me.

I tried calling back, but of course I was back to square one by this point – I asked the first person I spoke to to call me back as I was on an expensive line – which they refused to do.

I STILL haven’t been given a reason why my internet was due to come online on the 21st, while TalkTalk were told to cut me off on the 19th. It is absolutely shocking that such a gap was left between connections when I was specifically told how quick the process would be, and that I would not be left without internet during the process.

I would like for your team to do one of the following things:

1) Contact TalkTalk and tell them to give my internet back until your team are able to connect me.

2) Get your team to connect me/get me ‘online’ using my previous router, which works perfectly and will connect to the new details if you provide them.

I am absolutely appalled at the service I received – I am still within my 14 day cool off period and I am incredibly tempted to cancel my services due to this horrible incident – not just for broadband but my mobile contract also. I expect for this issue to be resolved immediately and I of course expect EE to do whatever is in your power to keep me as a loyal customer.

If this issue is not resolved, I will not hesitate to take this matter further.

That was my email to EE. This was their response.

Hello Joanna,

Thank you for your email.

I’m sorry to learn about the issues regarding your service. Please accept my apologies. Our records show that the broadband activation date is 21st May, 2015. As we are an email based support team, we provide self-help links, general information and basic technical advice. For provisioning issues, please contact our new line provide team on 0289 044 6574 who’ll be able to assist you further.

If you have any further queries then please feel free to contact us again.

Best Regards


EE Broadband Team

Um, thanks for that, EE but I already knew my activation date is the 21st of May. What I want to know is WHY it’s the 21st of May when you informed my previous service provider to cut me off on the 19th. This outright shows that no one bothered to read my email (if they did, they would know that I know my activation date is the 21st). They didn’t respond to any of my requests or questions, instead answering a question I never asked and a measly apology copy-pasted from their online training.

Worst customer service ever? I’ll let you decide..!

Social Media For Beginners (Lecture + Workshop)

The other day I gave a lecture and workshop to employees at Mortons Media Group on Social Media for Beginners. It was great to sit down and help give a brief introduction on how to use social media. Here are the slides – see if you know the basics!


“What Digital Media Have You Produced?” – A Timeline

Last week, I presented at the Lincoln Innovation Conference. Over a lunchtime conversation someone asked me what digital content I’ve produced, and it threw me. It threw me because I’ve been creating digital content for as long as I can remember. When I was 11 I tried my hand at digital illustration and Flash, creating an awkward and clumsy website interface with loading animation using Dreamweaver. Later that year I wrote and produced an entirely digital album to commiserate my best friend moving to another city.

My point here isn’t to show off – it’s not like I have the capability to be all that proud of something I made when I was 11, and it’s certainly not anything worth putting in a portfolio. However, it does show a keen and dedicated enthusiasm to creating digital media; a passion that is with me now more than ever, nearly 15 years later. For those of us like myself, who are naturally creative, motivated and grew up with the internet, asking ‘what digital media have you produced?’ is like asking us what meals we’ve eaten. If you’re creatively inclined, have had reliable internet access for most of your life, and you were born after 1985, chances are most of the media you produce is digital.

To celebrate that fact, I took to Twitter with the hashtag #BornDigital to explore the many ways young people have been creating digital media since their early childhoods. A whole load of incredible stories came flooding in, with facts from friends I had never heard before. It was great to hear the many examples of digital creativity, even (and especially) the weirder ones you maybe wouldn’t mention in a job interview. Being able to talk with people about things you created when you were younger (but not necessarily anything you’d put in your portfolio) was refreshing and heartwarming all at once. I even received a couple of inspirational messages from other content creators realising that the media they’ve been producing since childhood is incredibly valuable and indicative of talent and dedication.

I wouldn’t be much of a blogger if I ended this post here. I know what the people want. So without further ado, here’s a list of my (sometimes small, sometimes strange) digital “accomplishments” over the years. They’re (mostly) not the sort of things I would put in my portfolio or CV. You have been warned.


1997 – Age 7

With encouragement from my mum, and wild enthusiasm from my (at the time) 4 year old brother, we created our first ever stop frame claymation – an endeavour that would eventually lead to an unconditional offer from Hertfordshire University’s Media Production course.


2001 – Age 11

Created my first website using Dreamweaver complete with loading Flash animation.

Wrote and produced an entirely digital album, to commiserate the loss of a friend who moved to a new city. Included a cover of Hot Butter’s ‘Popcorn’ and a song called ‘Requiem of Laughter’ which included vocal remixes of my friends laughing. You can here them here:


Requiem of Laughter:


2002 – Age 12

Inspired by the, I wrote, recorded, and animated a short video series about my brother becoming a snail.

Designed my first emoji set (back when they were called emoticons).


2003 – Age 13

Sub-edited an internet friend’s novel called The Badger Chronicles – communicated entirely via MSN Messenger.


2004 – Age 14

Created a webseries about gamers, starring my brother as the avid Starcrafter he still is today (although these days he’s also living his dream of working at Rockstar).

Started by first blog.


2005 – Age 15

Started a webcomic about my internet boyfriend and his friend from Belgium.

Episode 1 - The Money Pool


2006 – Age 16

Commissioned by the London Globe Theatre to create a marketing channel for (and using) their merchandise.


2007 – Age 17

Returned to stop-frame animation with The Snake Throws Up (see below).

Started 360 Days of Pictures – a blog where I posted my digital illustrations every day to track progress and encourage myself to create more digital art.

Made my first stop-frame animation using only a mobile phone, Cliche Like Your Girlfriend (see below). This got me an unconditional offer on the University of Hertfordshire’s Media Studies course.

Started making and releasing regular video sketches (albeit very strange ones) on YouTube.

Created a trailer for a fictional thriller called Empire of Dirt (see below). This was scored 100% and the highest mark given to any project in the history of the class at that point.


2008 – Age 18

Commissioned by Long Road Sixth Form College to produce a promotional video of the school (A Day at Long Road, see below), a video tour and film the school’s annual fashion show.

Began making my very own film called ‘Nowhere’. Unfortunately the hard drive my files were on corrupted, and so lost to the wind.


2009 – Age 19

Started The Nigel Thornberry Society – a blog for weird Wild Thornberry’s art. It started a meme and my work was featured on Smosh and KnowYourMeme.

Created Sean Connery’s Chest Hair, Noodle Review (now a regular feature in GHOTI) and Pictures of Owen Wilson – self-explanatory blogs with a twist.

Started teaching myself gif animation and got more than carried away with it (a skill that turned out to be incredibly useful in my internship at Mortons Media Group Ltd).


2010 – Age 20

Built a spoof FaceBook page for the Swiss euthanasia clinic, Dignitas, following an entry for the D&AD awards. It received over 10,000 ‘likes’ until I was sent a kindly worded email from their lawyers, saying they would take legal action if I didn’t remove it immediately.

hate mondays large


Screenshot 2015-06-08 08.51.35 Screenshot 2015-06-08 08.52.30




Started Ghost Review – an online magazine built by students and graduates, allowing them a platform on which to publish their work, thus improving their CVs.



Became Cinema Swirl‘s Head Animator, taking on their YouTube channel, managing submissions and requests from other animators.



Started GHOTI, a collaborative surrealist dark humour zine.

Started How2Wrestling, a podcast for beginners to the world of pro-wrestling, hosted by Kefin Mahon from the Attitude Era Podcast.

Lincoln Innovation Conference


About a month ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the Lincoln Innovation Conference, held in the brand new Joseph Banks Laboratory. Today I went along and gave my presentation. I discussed KTPs, what they are, how they can benefit companies, and the progress involved in the partnership I’m currently working in with Mortons Media Group and the University of Lincoln. Instead of uploading the slides here, later this month I’ll be sure to write an in-depth post explaining it all. Big thanks to all who attended and tweeted about it.

Screenshot 2015-04-20 16.02.43 Screenshot 2015-04-20 16.02.51

Lincoln Digital Conference

2015-03-10 14.42.21

Today I had the opportunity of attending the Lincoln Digital Conference with the OnLincolnshire Technology Hubs and Mortons Media Group Ltd. This was the first time I was able to represent both companies at the same event and was a wonderful chance to meet other businesses and talk not only about emerging technology, but also MoreBikes!

2015-03-10 10.06.10

2015-03-10 11.49.25

The Mortons Digital Stand at the Lincoln Digital Conference (2015)

I prepared a few short videos to display on the screens behind our table to give further information about both Mortons and the Tech Hubs, one of which you can see below.

At around midday I was introduced to Jason Bradbury of The Gadget Show and talked to him briefly about emerging technology. He was particularly interested in the Oculus Rift, and it was great to sit down with him and briefly chat tech. Jason had to prepare for his presentation and so the rest of us grabbed some lunch until it was time to take a seat.

2015-03-10 12.13.23

Lunch, including crème brûlée and tempura prawns!

After lunch it was time for Jason’s first presentation. It began with him talking remotely from the back of the room through an onstage mobile robot, with live camera feed. After a few minutes Jason himself came onstage, via a robotic hover-board of sorts and began talking about the excitement of future technology. He started by emphasising his favourite piece of current tech: the Oculus Rift, and directed the audience’s attention to me as one of the resident Oculus demonstrators while he asked if I thought the Oculus DK2 was easy to setup (the answer is ‘no’).

2015-03-10 13.09.26

Jason Bradbury presenting live via mobile robot

After the presentation Jason popped back down to talk to us some more about the Oculus Rift, what we’re working on, and our plans for future development of it. My fellow Oculus Rift demonstrator, Mark Aldridge, explained the methods we’re using to create content and I gave a demonstration of content we had already created.

2015-03-10 14.45.22-2

Mark Aldridge talking with Jason Bradbury about how to create content for the Oculus Rift

2015-03-10 12.29.03

A stern looking selfie while showing a demonstration of the Oculus Rift to Jason Bradbury

It was a great day, and lovely to catch up with other regulars from events such as this. It’s such an honour to be invited to demonstrate emerging technology to celebrities in the field! See you all next time!

Lincoln Digital Awards

Earlier this month, the project I’ve been working on as part of my KTP, MoreBikes, was nominated for an award! The nomination was for Best Use of Mobile Technology and this evening I attended the awards ceremony to see if we’d been fortunate enough to win. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, but at least we lost to Bluecube Telecommunications; a wonderful company, the award for which was received by the lovely Philip Little. The event itself was wonderful – lots of great food, digitally themed cocktails, a popcorn vendor and even a selfie machine!

2015-03-10 19.34.06

2015-03-10 19.34.46

 Using the selfie machine with Steve Smailes (The Lincolnite), Philip Little (Bluecube Telecommunications) and Sarah Harrison (The Lincolnite)!

Earlier today I attended the Lincoln Digital Conference which was presented by Jason Bradbury from The Gadget Show. Themes from the conference carried over into the evening’s events, with Jason Bradbury and BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Melvyn Prior presenting the awards. It was an incredible night, showcasing some truly innovative work, and a great chance to meet some of the fantastic digital talent in Lincoln.

Nominated finalist for Best Use of Mobile Technology

Today I’m happy to report that has been nominated for an award!

Screenshot 2015-03-02 11.18.27

The Lincolnshire Digital Awards have voted Mortons Media Group and Bluecube Telecommunications for Use of Best Mobile Technology. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, and (might I say) well deserved for both parties! MoreBikes is a fully responsive site, viewable in the best resolution on all platforms and devices, with a sister weekly app for smaller updates. IT also has a regular podcast, featuring guest interviews with industry celebrities such as Steve Parrish, Carl Fogarty and Scott Redding.

We’re honoured to be nominated and look forward to the award ceremony on the 10th! See you there!

Filming with Bright Spark Studios!

Had the honour today of being filmed by Andrew Deptford, owner of Bright Spark Studios today! I’ve been a big fan of Bright Spark’s work for a while and it was great to finally meet Andrew and discuss our experiences as ex-Media Production students from the University of Lincoln.

Video coming soon!